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INTRIC Grouting Equipment USA Official Distributor

INTRIC Grouting Solutions, Inc. was founded in 2017 out of a need for real customer-focused solutions in the grouting industry. We are an American manufacturer of colloidal/high shear, high pressure grout mixing/pumping plants.

INTRIC Grouting Equipment

INTRIC currently offers three base models ranging from 30–120 GPM. We also offer custom-designed and built grouting equipment and silos for job-specific needs.


INTRIC Grouting Solutions USA
Custom Units

Western Equipment Solutions, along with Intric, will work with customers building custom units to fit job parameters for special projects or the customer’s specific dimensions and power needs.

INTRIC Grouting Solutions USA
Power Packs

The PP-25 Power Pack includes a 49.5HP Kubota Tier 4 Final diesel engine and boasts 25 gallons per minute at 1250 PSI with adjustable hydraulic pressure and flow control.

INTRIC Grouting Solutions USA
Mixing Stations

Time is money! Enable fast precision pouring of materials with the Intric Mixing Station

INTRIC Grouting Solutions USA
Grout Plants & Delivery Systems 

Developed to serve as your workhorse for all of your grout needs. The D-9 and D-12 were designed to perform tirelessly day-in, day-out. You won’t have to worry about finding a replacement. Specifications can be detailed so the grout plants run as Diesel or Electric. 
Intric Grout Plants mix colloidally and high sheer which provides efficient speed to mix cement and has the ability for additional materials like: sand, silica, or lime to be added. Data can be recorded and logged for volume of daily use or per pile.


Whether you’re looking for a technical information, a job-specific equipment consult, or just a brochure, submit a request and we’ll get back at you within a day – at no cost to you.


We now offer leasing, loans, equipment refinancing, residual leases, seasonal leases, seasonal payment options, repairs financing, and more! Financing available with tooling on rig purchases.

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