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A quick shout out to Salt Lake City’s Queen of Wraps for getting the SR90 logo’d to head out to her new home with Alliance Diversified! Congrats Gentlemen!
Looks what’s coming down to our main SLC office! MORE TOOLING - LET US MAKE YOU AN OFFER! #customsolutions #rentals #augers #corebarrels
Inland Foundation Specialties installing 1800 mm casing 95’ with the LEFFER vrm200kl ossilator alongside the SC120 Soilmec Crane. #Leffer #Soilmec #customsolutions
Changing out a drive chain on an Interoc AN109B for Coggins and Sons in Littleton, CO. #servicematters #customsolutions
🚩TEI Rock Drills Hollow Bar Seminar hosted by Western Equipment Solutions in Salt Lake City, Utah! Space is limited so register NOW!
Most Wanted R-312 in Reno Nevada #customsolutions #soilmec #westernservice
Owners, Engineers & Estimators: JOIN US November 7-8th for the Western Equipment Hollow Bar Seminar! This is an educational event covering the selection, installation method, and testing of hollow bar micro piles and soil nail systems. The seminar is limited ...
⚠️Dirt augers, rocks augers, drilling buckets, core barrels ... we’ve got it all! For SALE or RENT! 2 truck loads just arrived ⚠️ #customsolutions #massiveinventory #augers #foundationdrilling
Our job is to make our customers happy ... They call it the “big daddy” It ROCKS!
#rockauger #westernequipmentsolutions #custommade #auger
RECOMMENDATIONS NEEDED!! We are in desperate need of MORE Mechanics! If you know anyone looking to get into the FOUNDATION DRILLING INDUSTRY email your resume to We are looking to hire 2 more people! 1 SLC Mechanic with hydraulic ...
A great Vancouver Jet grouting project in Burnaby, BC. Matcon is installing 80ft Soldier piles then jet Grouting the filler piles with the Soilmec SR50 and SM30. Thank you Chad Matt for the photos! #customsolutions #soilmec #jetgrout #soldierpile
Our office is LIT!! 🔥 #Soilmec #micropile #lightening
The first of the TEI Hollow Bar Seminars is in full swing! We are absolutely jonesing over the NEW Intric D9 grout plant! Stay ahead of the competition with the latest and greatest! We don’t just want to sell equipment- ...
Let the Commissioning begin! Congrats to Solentanche Bachy Canada! The Soilmec SR45 is being prepared to perform CFA piles in Calgary. #soilmec #customsolutions #yoursolutionprovider #westernequipmentsolutions
Need parts quickly? With offices in Salt Lake City and Nisku Alberta, we have a large inventory of spare parts for foundation drilling equipment and rigs! We will back you up in no time.
Call ...
Another NEW Soilmec SR45 on her way to join the Soletanche Bachy fleet in Calagary, Canada 🇨🇦
With 38 years in the drilling industry, Kevin Sharp has a vast knowledge of the deep foundation drilling and Western Equipment Solutions is proud to announce that he will be joining our team. Kevin has been the President of NorthstarSharps, ...
There are a few spots left! Don’t miss out! Contact us for more information! #teirockdrills #western #ourteamrocks
Let Western help you take your pile driving ability to the NEXT LEVEL!
TEI Hollow Bar School June 2-4th & 5th-7th! Don't miss it! Space is limited so register NOW! Need more TEI info? Contact Craig Berninger
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