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PTC has been mastering vibration technology and developing innovative pile driving solutions for over 80 years. As the first company to launch the hydraulic vibrodriver in early seventies, and later the high frequency Vibrodriver with controlled variable amplitude (HFV Vibrator), PTC remains a leader in the development of the technology.

Free Hanging Vibrodrivers

PTC offers a selection of free hanging vibrodrivers with a variety of ranges, including HFV: High Frequency Vibrodrivers with PTC Patented Variable moment Technology, HV: Standard Frequency Vibrodrivers with Variable moment Technology, and H / HD: Standard Frequency Vibrodrivers with Fixed eccentric moment.

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Excavator Mounted Vibrodrivers

PTC excavator mounted Vibrodrivers are specifically designed for piling and extraction works using excavators. They allow to easily drive or extract a variety of profiles, such as: sheet piles, H beams, casings, concrete piles and wooden piles.

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The Vibro-compaction technique is used in granular soils with limited fines content. It uses the Vibrolance sustained vibrations to rearrange the soil particles of non-cohesive soils into a denser state. The action of the vibrator reduces the inter-granular forces between the soil particles, allowing them to move into a more compact configuration.

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Ground Improvement

PTC offers equipment ground improvement equipment for Vibrocompaction and Stone Columns. These include: Vibrolances, Power packs, Water jetting pumps, All-in-one Stone Column Rigs, Vibrolances (BFS), Vibrolances (Top Feed), Air Compressors.

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When nothing but the best will do for your foundation project, contact Western Equipment Solutions.

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