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For the hardest working, most innovative rock drilling equipment, TEI Rock Drills is the way to go. As a leading manufacturer of excavator rock drill attachments, rock drill components, and limited access rock drill rigs, TEI is the brand to trust when your jobsite requires soil nailing, micropile work, mining, or tunneling.


Rock Drill Safety Equipment

Whether you’re considering casing handlers, dust suppression systems or an added caging system, TEI manufacturers top of the line equipment designed to meet the expected safety guidelines in field applications.

Rock Drill Excavator Attachment

TEI rock drilling attachments are the most versatile excavator drilling platforms available for ground improvement, earth retention and rock drilling applications. These attachments are ideal for use in difficult low, high and confined environments.

Rock Drill Components

TEI offers a full line of rock drill components including hydraulic drifters, RDS rotary drill heads, hydraulic power units, drill feed systems, clamps and breakers, and rotary shock subs.

Limited Access

TEI’s limited access rock drills are uniquely compact but offer maximum power, making them the perfect choice for soil nailing, micropile, or mining operations in difficult environments.


For small diameter drilling projects, job sites with limited access, or sites with rugged terrain, TEI Rock Drills are the preferred drill rigs throughout the construction industry. You can count on TEI for quality performance and ultimate efficiency on your drilling or mining project.


Wether you’re looking for a technical information, a job-specific equipment consult, or just a brochure, submit a request and we’ll get back at you within a day – at no cost to you.


We now offer leasing, loans, equipment refinancing, residual leases, seasonal leases, seasonal payment options, repairs financing, and more! Financing available with tooling on rig purchases.

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